Our people

Our offices are situated in the beautiful Jacaranda-lined streets of Riviera. Here, we operate in an environment where teamwork is considered essential to achieve excellence. Each member of the JSES team has a unique skill-set, and actively employs this to ensure that our clients’ projects are completed in the most effective way.

In order to adhere to our orchestrated publication management principles, JSES has an in-house graphic design studio, supported by a core, full-time editorial team. If a client’s project requires it, our capacity is expanded through the services of a network of independent editorial and graphic design specialists. These people have been, and continue to be, an intricate part of the JSES team and work on site in a temporary capacity when needed.

To do what we do, some essential roles need to be fulfilled. Primary among these relate to our core production management team:

  • Conductor Janine Smit – Publication Manager (25 years’ experience)
  • Orchestra managers
    Renate Louw – Assistant Publication Manager: Editorial Services
    (5 years’ experience)
    Helena Smit – Assistant Publication Manager: Graphic Services
    (4 years’ experience)

Our orchestra is made up of the following positions:

  • Language editors
  • Copy writers
  • Translators
  • Graphic design artists
  • Desktop publishing (DTP) operators
  • Print managers
  • Editorial, design and administrative assistants

Our people are our greatest asset.