Products and services


Although JSES is primarily a service provider, the published products that result from our efforts, and which are delivered to our clients, include the following:

  • Newsletters, annual reports and magazines
  • Self-published books
  • Academic journals and conference proceedings
  • Pamphlets, brochures and banners
  • Advertisements
  • Digital publishing formats (CDs, USBs, PDFs, flipping books and e-books)


Our ensemble comprises the following:

  • Copy writing: The generation of original material through interviews and research
  • Sub-editing: The reworking of existing written material to suit a particular publication or audience
  • Copy editing: The language editing of existing written material
  • Translating: The translation of written material between English and Afrikaans. African language translating services are also available upon special arrangement
  • Graphic design: The development of a design concept to capture a visual language. This typically includes a front cover design and the development of various graphic elements
  • Page layout: The implementation of a visual language in a contextualised design of each page of a publication
  • Production management: Liaising with various role-players to ensure the smooth completion of a project. This includes meetings and briefing sessions with clients and liaison with various contributors
  • Print management: Liaising with an identified printer to ensure that the process of uploading files and getting the final printed product to its delivery destination goes smoothly. This includes signing off files to be printed

A staggering number of high-quality publications
is produced every year.